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Preserve and honor the memories of your pet with the assistance of Companions Forever Pet Memorial.


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Prepare for the loss of your pet now while your emotions are at rest.

Memorial Wall

For every pet that is memorialized on the Companions Forever Pet Memorial Wall, 10 percent of the cost of the plaque is donated to several non-profit animal rescue group organizations. This money helps pay for food, shelter and medical care for other furry friends that need homes. In essence, your pet is living on in the form of helping turn another animal into a "pet" with a loving home.

Community Announcements

Alex was with us for 17 years as our greater, tour guide and grief counselor. Alex crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 28, 2015.
Thank you Alex for your endless love and companionship that you have shown to all who have walked through our doors.
We will love you always. You are our "Companion Forever"
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Have you visited the Memorial Grounds lately....
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Beloved Cat Sammy is Fundís Namesake
The death of a Tulsa SPCA friend in the summer of 2006 has led to the creation of a new fund for TSPCA dogs and cats with special needs.
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Sammy - In Loving Memory


Because of Sammy, Companions Forever was established as a first class pet cremation service.