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Wendy Barnett — Cremation Options in Tulsa, OK
Wendy D. Barnett 
Wendy Barnett started as a nurse to three family physicians in 1991, and by 1997 was a medical assistant to twelve orthopedic surgeons. The experiences that she has had in both the office and with the patients has enabled Companions Forever Pet Memorial to develop the ultimate in service for the veterinarians and pet owners. Wendy's main goal and purpose is to help the pet owner get through a very difficult loss. If she can ease their mind just a little and give them some comfort in knowing their pet is in good hands, then she has had a good day. Wendy has never been without a pet. She has two cats, Sweet Pea and Little One, and a dog, Sandy "Hiccup" Barnett. Sandy goes to the office with Wendy and helps to keep the place "secure!" She is a part of our Pet Staff. Wendy is married to Doug and on any given day, you will find Doug helping out with the business. Wendy and Doug's favorite past time is watching their sons, Jarrod and Michael, grow up.
Mike carrying His Pet — Cremation Options in Tulsa, OK
Mike has been with Companions Forever Pet Memorial since July 2004. He is married and has three daughters and one son. Mike enjoys his down time working in his garage or doing yard work or spending time at the lake and fishing.
Tracy — Cremation Options in Tulsa, OK
Tracy has been with Companions Forever Pet Memorial since March 2007. She has worked for several years as a Vet Assistant. On weekends she works at a cutting horse ranch. On any given day she is working with the horses or spending time with her children. She is very active in her church and attends school.
Alex — Cremation Options in Tulsa, OK


Meet Alex. He is quite a guy with a wonderful personality. He will greet you at the front door and even help pick out an urn. He was found by Gary along with his mom and siblings in a box on the side of the road. Wendy found good homes for everyone else, but just couldn't part with Alex. He thinks that everyone who comes into Companions Forever Pet Memorial is here to see him.

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Sheridan — Cremation Options in Tulsa, OK


Meet Sheridan. She is more shy than Alex. You are most likely going to see her peeking at you from afar. She was rescued as a tiny kitten from the middle of the intersection at 46th & Sheridan, hence her name. She is a sweet, beautiful girl who loves to play with her catnip balls. She likes to hide them behind furniture so that we have to fetch them for her.

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