Cremation Options

Cremation Options for Your Family Pets

Companions Forever offers two types of cremation service. These services include a Private Cremation Service or a Simple Communal Cremation Service. We are happy to accommodate any special requests to help you pay tribute to your special companion. 

Our fees for cremation vary with the weight of your pet and type of service you select for your special friend. Please contact our office for prices.

Private Cremation 

We pick up your beloved pet, perform a single and private cremation service and your companion is returned to you in your choice of two containers. Or you may choose to upgrade to one of our other urns for a fee.

Simple Cremation 

We pick up your beloved pet, perform a simple cremation and then their ashes are sprinkled at our Memorial Wall. We provide your family with a map and it is always open to you for visitation. 
With our Private Cremation Service you have a choice of container for your companion to returned home in
Standard Container — Cremation Options in Tulsa, OK

Standard Container

Our Standard white acrylic container in a burgundy bag. This container is perfect for burial, scattering in a special place or if you have a special container already. 

Standard Container — Cremation Options in Tulsa, OK

Rosewood Box

Your companion is returned in our beautiful Rosewood box. It includes an engraved brass name plate and a velour burgundy bag. 

From simple to elaborate we have just the fitting tribute urn you are looking for. We have a variety of wooden boxes, photo boxes, pewter, bronze and ceramics to choose from. Most have customization options available. Visit our urns page for a sample of what we offer or stop by our showroom. 

Our sole mission is to make this time of sorrow as easy on you as we possibly can. by our
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