Memorial Wall

The Memorial Wall was built for several purposes. Mainly, it is a way to pay tribute to a beloved pet. It is a way to say that your pet was unlike any other. Also, for every pet that is memorialized on the Companions Forever Pet Memorial Wall, 10 percent of the cost of the plaque is donated to several non-profit animal rescue group organizations annually. This money helps pay for food, shelter and medical care for other furry friends that need homes. In essence, your pet is living on in the form of help in turning another animal into a "pet" with a loving home.

The Memorial Wall was built on forty acres just outside of Glenpool, OK. It was built at this location, because it is in the country where it is peaceful and undisturbed. When you visit the Memorial Wall, you will feel the peacefulness and tranquility of the surrounding rolling acres. The birds, rabbits, deer and other wildlife are delightful. This makes it a fitting place to scatter the ashes of the pets that are not returned to their owners.

Wendy, the owner, takes great pride in the wall and maintains it by mowing, planting new plants and even putting out holiday decorations.

**Please be patient with us while we are currently going through remodeling. We understand your concern with the wall and the plaques. We have hired a new contractor to fix the walls. Plaques are being re-made, so if you do not see your plaque, please call us so that we can let you know the status of your pets plaque.**

Memorial Wall Location

Companions Forever Memorial Wall From Tulsa, go south on US HW 75. Go west on 251st St. South. The Wall is approximately 1.5 miles on the south side of the road.

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