Grief Recovery Books

Here are a few books that Companions Forever recommends for Grief Recovery after the loss of your beloved pet. We hope these help.

Pet Loss - A Thoughtful Guide For Adults and Children
Herbert A. Nieburg, Ph.D., & Arlene Fischer
Thoroughly researched and expertly written, this comprehensive guide is a must for animal lovers dealing with the loss of a pet.
Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates
Gary Kurz
Anyone can take heart from Gary's words of reassurance that pets will go to Heaven.
Pet Loss and Human Emotion - guiding clients through grief
Cheri Barton Ross, MA & Jane Baron-Sorensen, RN, MA, MFCC
This book is designed to assist anyone in the helping professions to understand what a pet owner may be experiencing when their companion animal dies
The Loss Of A Pet
Wallace Sife, Ph.D.
Aimed at examining the impact of the relationship that humans have with pets as well as each stage of the grieving process, this revised edition offers new perspectives on the human-pet bond and unique insights for finding personal answers to the loss.