Client Testimonials

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What a compassionate thing you did for me in getting that granite memorial stone. I was just overwhelmed that there are still such lovely people in this world. I don’t think my married children realized how grieved I have been about my little “Chinki Poo”. I have put it in one of my flower beds that she so loved to stroll around in and look for something exciting to sniff out. Meanwhile she usually broke down several plants a season. But I always planned to get a few extra to patch the broken ones. Much as I loved pretty flowers, I loved my two Pekes more! May the Lord’s richest blessings follow you and overtake you. You are so kind!
Doris K. (September 1998)
Words cannot express the feelings of comfort and peace your treatment of my beloved “Buffy” brought to me. What a beautiful way to “Bring her home”.
Denise G.
I just wanted to thank each of you who helped me on the phone or met me at the office when my beloved “Blackie” died. I appreciate the kindness and caring of each one. The service you provide really meets a need we pet owners have sometimes. The cremation certificate is a lovely remembrance. The black urn is beautiful. Again, I just wanted to say thank you for the kindness and understanding during my loss.
Beverly M.
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