Client Testimonials

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I wanted to thank all of you for taking such good care of “Ivory”. I loved her very much and still do. The wooden urn she is in is beautiful. Thank you for sending a sympathy card. I called and asked some questions about scattering her ashes and a few other questions. I don’t remember who I spoke to, except that she said her father did the cremation services. Anyway, you couldn’t have been kinder to me on the phone. I really do appreciate everything. Ivory was my little girl, I considered her my child. Thanks so much, I know she was in good hands and treated with respect and dignity. God bless you for the work you all do.
Gina S (June 2002)
Thank you and your staff for taking care of “Buddy”. The pain of his passing is almost unbearable at times especially when I am outside mowing or working in the garage. I could count on him watching to make sure I was doing everything the way he thought it should be. We did so many things together yet I sometimes feel I didn’t do enough. I am very happy that he knew in his heart and I knew in my heart that we truly are Companions Forever.
Tommy (2001)
I can’t put into words what your thoughtfulness and caring has done for us. It’s hard to make a difficult time better, but all of you have done so far for us. It helps so much to have people understand how painful the loss of a ‘pet” is, you understand that it was the loss of family. Your kindness will be remembered.
Kristin & Nick R. (July 2001)
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